Videos and some

Two videos, replacing sand paper on the drum sander and test run for a disk sander. Shaft on the motor has about 1/8″ movement back and forth. That’s why the sander is so noisy. When I apply pressure to the disc (when sanding) it becomes very quiet. I am not sure yet how to fix it. Any ideas? Worst case, I’ll leave it as it is. Tomorrow I’ll start building the rest of the tool.

This is my first try in posting videos, which came with my new domain. It was slow, maybe because I was doing whole bunch of stuff on the computer at the same time.


This is a setup I made to take a video for furniture design contest. I will post video after we finish editing. I said we because I did the camera work but my daughter is going to do the editing for me.


I am making a new cutting board to surprise a friend on Thursday. I hope I will be able to finish it. Design and build in two days (you have to wait for glue to dry). Two end pieces a maple with bark left on. Next two strips are maple end grain and middle is acacia end grain. It is a small cutting board and it doesn’t look like much right now. We’ll see when it is completed. Hopefully tomorrow night. I am afraid that different types of wood and different cuts will react on temperature changes at different rates and create some cracks. It was very cold in the shop today so I brought it in the house tonight to see if any cracks show up.



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