Band Saw

Band saw is in work.

Band saw frame in clamps, waiting for glue to dry.


Carver duplicator

Pictures are coming.

Box Joint Jig

Idea from


Miter Saw Station

Pictures are coming

Clamping System

Clamps can slide to accommodate larger panels. There is support to hold clamps almost horizontal while gluing. Everything swings back to the wall for curing. Save some space in a small shop.

Cyclone Dust Separator



Dust separator build.

Crosscut Sled

Crosscut sled for my table saw. It has a T tracks for clamping and plexiglass replaceable inserts to accommodate dado blades.

Drum Sander

Drum sander completed. It works excellent. Plans from


Drum sander build.

Paint Booth

Paint booth is in work. It will have four spring loaded roll up shades as sides. There will be  a duct connecting it to air cleaner and of course everything has to be easy to remove or set up. Hanging shades scan swing either way and it will be secured to the ceiling when not in use.