NIGHT PATROL, India ink and watercolor
BUBBLE TROUBLE, watercolor on Yupo paper
OUT FROM THE FOG, walnut ink
ARCHER, linocut print
UNRULY DWARFS, watercolored print
VALENTINES, mix media, watercolor, acrylic, pressed flowers, batik printed heart and gel medium
OCEAN SHORES, watercolor
LUNA, linocut print
COURTYARD GATE, watercolor
UNEXPECTED FLOWERS #1 still in work, watercolor on Yupo paper
UNEXPECTED FLOWERS #2, still in work
SNOWSTORM SNOWMAN , watercolor on Yupo paper in
COURTYARD GATE, watercolor on paper
END OF THE JOURNEY, watercolor on Yupo paper
PLAYTIME, watercolor on Yupo paper
FROM THE DEEP, watercolor on Yupo paper
Photograph “3D WATERCOLOR “
BLUE FREEZE, mix media, watercolor, acrylic, ink and gel medium
Photograph “HANA”
NATURAL EXISTENCE, watercolor on Yupo paper

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