HMS Bounty Model

There is still a little bit of rigging left and sails.




Family Crest

It is carved from maple originally planed for firewood. Here are the short boards I cut with a small chainsaw. After drying almost a year in a paper bags I used one for the crest.


Layout and starting with Z because it has three levels.


It is completed and placed above brick oven door.



Having fun with 3D during cutting board build.

Coin rings

Alabama State quarter

Coin ring – Alabama state quarter

Canadian Large Cent, one cent coin from Queen Victoria time

Coin ring – Canadian large cent

Swiss two Francs coin

Peace Dollar, 1923 – Choice uncirculated – silver dollar


Chuck E. Cheese coin




Washington State silver quarter

Presidents of USA one dollar coin rings

Ben Franklin silver half dollar

 Hallway Addition

This is a 10 years earlier. Front porch  is remodeled. While working on the tile design I was thinking that one day that will become part of the house.

Got permit and start building. Considering all the crafts involved I think I did a pretty good job.

Roof structure was complicated. Components are ordered from truss company but putting it together was like a puzzle. Just lifting it up by myself was an achievement.

Had to learn how to roof valleys and ridges. I had to cover everything few times because of rain.

I tried to match existing facade, stone front and brick side. Brick laying and stone work. Thank you You Tube.

There is more coming. Enough for today.