Farmstyle Dining Table


This is a dining table my nephew and I made for a friend. It is made from recycled 4×4 material. We rip some and join halves to create boards for the top. Boards are not glued together but instead joined with 1/2″ dowels to let table expand and contract and keep surface aligned. Narrow sides are finished with beech trim which is attached with 3/8 dowels to boards ends, also to allow for temperature and moisture changes. Long sides are protected with oak trim and exotic hardwood blocks detail. I am not sure what type of wood is it but looks interesting.

Table legs are are assembled using mortise/tenon joints and glued together. They are connected with two beams. Beams are connected with three hardwood butterfly blocks and together they sandwich legs cross beams. There is wood pin in the middle that keeps them aligned. To improve stability we added two diagonals that slide into long beam and with mortise/tenon connection to the legs where they are secured with wooden pins. Nothing is screwed or glued to let the wood work.

Tabletop is attached to legs using dovetail style pins in the legs and keyholes in the tabletop. I think,a pretty interesting idea.

Whole table is protected with multiple coats of leenseed oil and tabletop is then finished with two coats of tung oil.



Box, Tray,Cutting board

Small box is made using splated maple top and bottom. Sides from unknown hardwood I got from a friend. Tray is acacia with maple frame and board is maple with natural edge, end grain maple and end grain acacia.

End Table/Night Stand

The top is hand scraped and has a copper inlay around the edge. Drawer is on the bottom with a shelf above. Shelf has a rotating door that is not visible when open. It slides to the end of cabinet. Top can be removed to reveal another hidden storage area. It is made from recycled oak, finished with wiped on black polystain.

Night Stand build


This is in the new hallway addition. Top doors have City of Sarajevo crest carved in. It is made from maple wood except center of the door panel from walnut plywood. Closet is shallow so all hangers are on pullout slides made from drawer slides.Tile work was done few years before as part of front porch upgrade.

Serving Tray

Birthday present for my wife. Maple,walnut and cherry 3D design with Purple Heart frame. 3D design idea from mtmwood.com.

Fish Club

Hardwood carving inspired by Northwest native tribal art with a seahawk look.



Wine Gift Box

Made from mahagony with hand carved grape motive.

Cutting Boards

These are some of cutting boards I made using maple, walnut and cherry. 3D design ideas from mtmwood.com.