Greenhouse Update

Greenhouse is is now usable. I put up a temporary door and closed all remaining openings with greenhouse grade plastic. A few simple benches and a floor are covered with linoleum for easy cleanup. There is so much work in the yard right now that final look will have to wait a few weeks.


New garden addition, a greenhouse. I purchased it at Harbour Freight on sale. As anybody who knows their products would expect structure is aluminum extrusion as thin as it can be and polycarbonate panels same way. I decided it is worth buying because I can modify it. First I put it on 2×8 frame increasing height by 8”. Next I use all the panels from one side and put double panels on other side. I purchased some thicker panels from Home Depot, cut them to size using existing panels as template and use in place of missing panels. Now I am designing extension, to make it about 4 feet longer in front. Mainly to make it look a little more interesting and also to replace flimsy sliding door that came with it with actual door. This is what I did so far.